Works of Art

I'm not able to judge on works of art, so please draw your own conclusions...
This rather huge object titled Chariot du cycle des 60 ans of Huang Yong Ping is covered with eastern and western calendar inscriptions.
The artist suggest, that an ancient, non-linear approach to progress may be applicable to our modern-day work.
Sources: Kunstmuseum Bonn  (Germany) 2000
Barbara Gladstone Gallery 2001

One Man, Nine Animals
Huang Yongping, French Pavilion, Venice Biennale, June 1999
"..before the pavillion is a lone character pointing in amazement at the forthcoming stampede. The One Man , as denoted in the piece's title, stands atop an idle Compass Chariot, the traditional Chinese tool for measuring time and direction. This lone figure , presumably the artist himself, heroically confronts the convoluted situation of culture at the end of the 20th century. ... the broken Compass Chariot signifies the end of the millennium, void of any discernible ideology."
Source: volume2issue4/Other/other1.htm

2008 this piece of art was seen outside (!) the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Caen, Normandie.
A Chariot fit for Huang Di himself
Kit Williams, New York, 2002
Starting from the published models (see the meccano samples elsewhere in this pages) Mr. Williams set out to create a working full size model (a human can sit in the cab easily). It took him eight months of solitary hand work to finish. Some nice add ons are an orrery and paintings on the panels. Now part of a private collection.

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