CAD Models

A Japanese reconstruction of the Yen Su type:

Mr. Ambrose's version of the Lanchester type:

A Japanese student's work: Well done, Nobuyuki Umetani! (found at
CAD drawing
The interesting thing on this work is that a
working model was generated by a
"rapid prototyping" process, i.e.built
fully automatically by a laser machine
from liquid resin.
Rapid Prototype

Times do change! Rapid Prototyping is becoming main-stream, and can be tackled by enterprising hobbyists already. Instead of blueprints STL files are published, and if You like a design just "print it" in some solid material.
In October 2011 I was offered a Chariot design, available as "open source" for pick-up at a site called Thingiverse. Not having such a machine (yet?) I was lucky enough to talk the designer into printing me a set in Canada for little money. Tires from the Czech Republic and some scrap metal from my German shop made this model a highlight of my collection.
Well done, Brad!
Spiral Gear Chariot
Spiral Gear Chariot
Spiral Gear Chariot

Needing a model NOW but the 3D printer is still way down on the wish list? No worries, Don Clucas from down under may be able to help You.
Transparent Nuttall
Transparent Nuttall
Colored Nuttall