Functional Models

The things on this site are not meant to be original chinese (You guessed so, right ?). Nonetheless they have their very own appeal !
The oldest published design I found yet was from Mr. M.J. Oliver, printed in The Meccano Magazine, Jan 1957. It is based on the description given two years earlier by Mr. Cousins
Twenty (!) years later, in 1977, Mr. Terry Morris revived the previous design in another article in The Meccano Magazine.

Apart from more stylish wheels this model adds little new insight.

But it sparked new interest, e.g. the (undated) model from Ashok Banerjee.
Kompasswagen Even today new models are built using the classic screw&bolt parts, like this wonderful specimen of Hans-Gerd Finke. Kompasswagen
Meccano is fine, FischerTechnik too. Here some shots of William Gibson's "contraption". Don't miss the latest developments using FischerTechnik
© Alex Pudmenzky
Of course, this is no reason not to try LEGO. Note the ingenious way Alex Pudmenzky used rubber bands instead of gear wheels!
If you have the gears, it may look like this fine model, proposed by C S Soh from Singapore the fifth R
More LEGO bricks and a novel design by Dr. Adam Eppendahl
And finally ths LEGO contraption, build by Philipp Hörler. Basic design seems to be simular to "my" ODTS II
Did I say "finally"? Some guy in Taiwan (sorry, I couldn't decode his Chinese homepage) built this LEGO model - aesthetically most pleasing! I stole his instruction sheets, see here, here and here for the benefit of other "westerners".
And last not least another LEGO contraption. This one was proposed by Prof. Dr. Liebscher (Potsdam) for the hands-on study of some geometic concepts. It should be noted that some parts must be machined.

This very pretty acrylic model of the Lanchester type was build by Richard Egge, to be contacted over this site at 

He has a full set of drawings for it as well !
Too modern ? What about this interpretation (Richard Egge again)
Or the ORIGINAL WOODEN TYPE (Richard Egge, who else...)
Which, by the way, is getting copied more and more. This fine specimen is by Frank Petersohn in Canada
They are built by students (Taiwan in the 80ies)...
And this beauty in brass and painted wood was done by Cyril Collins of Fredericton, also Canada
Rear View
The Ultimate Beauty? Made by Geoffrey Haberman, Canada.

If you wish to congratulate him, his emal is

This interesting model was realized by Luc Macot, teacher at the Collége de Bois-de-Boulogne. See my "translation" of his (no longer available) homepage.
These two models to Prof. Nakata's design were found at

(click on the pictures for enlargement)

And now at last You can buy Your ready made model - at least if You reside in Japan...
(picture taken from Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.)
In the Exploratorium, the science museum of San Francisco, this ride on model is to be seen and tried. Perhaps somebody can send my a detailed shot of the gear mechanism?
(picture taken from the Exhibits for Sale section (!))
Another great concept: Planetary Gears for the differential! For some theory look here

For some more unusual models click here !

This concept is not so great: Due to the limited travel of the nut on the screw rod the pointer will work only for a few turns. But the idea as such is brilliant!
The theory is also covered in here